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My Philosophy

My philosophy of therapy is based on attachment and connection. When children feel better, they do better.  When they feel safe and secure, they can take appropriate risks to grow.


I honor the stages and cycles of development and help parents navigate the process of providing healthy structure and supports while children are reaching out for newer, challenging experiences.


At times, we might explore past patterns and behaviors to understand children.  We may also reflect on the adult caregivers' experiences in relationships to better understand the whole family process and dynamics.


All feelings have a purpose and message to us.  They are not good or bad.  They are.  We’ll explore these feelings and how they influence our thoughts and behaviors.  Changing behaviors and thoughts can also change feelings.


My work with children is often experiential, using art and other tactile modalities to express themselves. Developing confidence and a strong sense of themselves is always a central goal in therapy.


I believe that children have the capacity to self-regulate and self-soothe when we help them to accept themselves as resilient, imperfect, growing individuals.

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Diane Gans, MA, LPC


(503) 704-3759

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