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Diane Gans, MA, LPC


(503) 704-3759


Girls Empowerment Movement

These fun and supportive groups will help girls uncover their unique qualities and strengths while connecting to one another through conversations, physical activities, and mindful/artistic experiences.

Girls will be encouraged to develop their voice to advocate for themselves and others…to feel powerful with, not over one another.

Participants will explore the joys and challenges of friendship, while fostering independence and the ability to self reflect and self nurture. GEM is a place for girls to gain a confident sense of themselves...and SHINE!

Groups are led in partnership with Counselor Laura Barbour


“When I think of gems, I honor them for their colors, their worth, and their origin within the earth.  They are multi-faceted, imperfect, and polished through their contact with the elements."
Diane Gans
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